Exploring Parque Nacional Darién 

Wildlife viewing 

Listening to the sounds of nature, especially the Howler Monkeys

Dancing to salsa to music

Sampling the coffee in the town of Boquete

Walking the Quetzal's trail from Cerro de Punta to Boquete

Diving with sea turtles on Archipiélago  de Bocas del Toro

Watching and listening to the thunder and lightening storms


In a Word

Vamos, pues! (Lets Go!)


Best Time to Travel

Dry season is recommended from mid-December to mid-April, but I really enjoyed the thunder and lightening storms during the rainy season, May to January.


Recommended Length of Time

9 - 12 days; Visiting Panama by boat is nice, but exploring the forests by foot is fantastic!


*My research involved tropical forest research and rehabilitating Mantled Howler Monkeys. The Mantled Howler Monkeys in the pictures were being rehabilitated and are not pets. I stand against illegal trade in wildlife.