There are two things that interest me: the relation of people to each other, and the relation of people to land.
— Aldo Leopold, Wherefore Wildlife Ecology?


I am motivated by generating knowledge to make informed conservation decisions and finding solutions that improve human-environmental relations and their application to conservation, particularly, biodiversity conservation. My motivation drives my research interest in: 

  • Studying human attitudes, motivations, beliefs, values and behaviors towards natural resource and wildlife.

  • Facilitating community-based conservation planning.

  • Integrating local and/or Indigenous knowledge with wildlife management.

  • Analyzing management strategies of protected areas and the role of rangers.

  • Looking at cultural complexities surrounding the management and exploitation of natural resources and wildlife


I am always seeking new challenges and new areas to research so if you have any insight, comments or areas for involvement please feel free to reach out!

Connect on Academia, Research Gate or Linkedin. 


Current Projects


Malheur Wildlife Refuge

Understanding stakeholder perspectives and values for Malheur National Wildlife Refuge management.

Methods: Interviews, Workshops, Summits

Black bear.jpeg

Human-Black Bear Interaction

Spatial analysis of human-black bear interaction and understanding people's attitudes, norms, perceptions, and experiences with black bears in Oregon.

Methods: Participatory Mapping, GIS, Survey

Illustration by: Ryan Zeferino


Sense of Place

Developing a two-week field course in Panama to research how sense of place varies with different population groups living in Bocas del Toro.

Methods: Focus Groups, Interviews, Mental Model Mapping