"There are two things that interest me: the relation of people to each other, and the relation of people to land.”  -Aldo Leopold, Wherefore Wildlife Ecology? 

Motivated By:

Generating knowledge to help make informed conservation decisions

Enhancing our understanding of natural resource and wildlife management

Finding solutions that improve human-environmental relations and their application to conservation, particularly biodiversity conservation

Sharing stories of people's connection to their environments


Research Interest:

Using qualitative and quantitative methods to study human attitudes, values and behaviors towards natural resource and wildlife management

Looking at cultural complexities and power dynamics surrounding the management and exploitation of natural resources and wildlife

Integrating local and/or Indigenous resource management and knowledge with wildlife management

Developing community-based conservation planning

Analyzing management strategies of protected areas and the role of rangers

Current Project(s): 

I am always seeking new challenges and new areas to research, but below are a couple of the current topics I am involved in.  If you have any insight, articles to share, comments or areas for involvement please feel free to reach out. 


1.  Continuing my capstone thesis, I am interested in the growing role of indigenous rangers as environmental stewards and their impact in managing protected areas. 


Several Questions: 

  • What role do local rangers play in conservation management?
  • How do landowners and community members view the role of rangers in the area?
  • What are "best management practices" that could assist with the continuous development of community-based conservation planning?

2.   Project Proposal - Exploring unique case studies that suggests more universal ideas of what it means to be stewards of the environment and wildlife in our own backyard. 


Several Questions:

  • What traditions are (or not) changing to protect endemic species to certain areas?
  • What does conservation of land mean to the survival of indigenous culture(s)?

* Project in collaboration with Madison McClintock, Producer & Co-Founder of Nestbox Collective.

3.  Continuing Education - Enrolled in University of Denver, Colorado GIS Certificate program 

  • Coursera an online learning platform, is a great way to continue learning on subjects you're interested in from top universities and organizations worldwide.